Joining the blogwagon.

18 10 2006

Hello world.

can you hear me now?

Finally. I’ve been planning of putting up a blog for a year but I didn’t have the time (lame excuse yeah) to pull it off.  I can’t even  remember when I created this account and  it took me sooo long to come up with something that (hopefully) is  worth the bandwidth.

Who I am?

Hmm, I’m not really good at describing myself but… errr…. Oh well, I’m 26 year old, graphic designer working in Makati City, Philippines.  ‘Nuff said, nobody cares anyway. Right?

What to expect from this blog?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m not really sure if I will be able to write stuffs that can be useful to anyone or If I’ll be able to sustain this blog in the first place. 

Then WTH is this blog for?

It’s for me.  It’s for my pleasure.  It’ll be my comfort & panic room.  A space that can be the outlet of my ideas, emotions, rants, and sentiments about things that I find interesting.

 This is my space. This is my journal.  And insomnity shall dwell here…




4 responses

18 10 2006


Fellow insomniac here. 🙂 Do post soon, and update that about page.


18 10 2006

thanks. im on a learning stage with regards to WP.:D

30 11 2006

Just finished poking through your site after following your comment link left on my Blog.

Nice site – wondered if you’d care to exchange links?

4 12 2006

rob. sure.:)

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