Escaping from reality?

10 11 2006

WoW Player

(A picture of what will a World Of Warcraft player look like in 2030?)

The picture above has invaded my desktop since I first saw it in digg and it has been my favorite wallpaper. I love it not because I’m a WoW player, but because of the sad truth that I sometimes envy the guy in the pic.

But why? Why do I envy a guy who is trapped in a virtual reality, oblivious to the fact that he is a person dwelling in a real world with a real life to live? What is real by the way?

Well, because he was able escape from reality, something that I cannot and will not do. He found an alternative way of living his life. Me, I don’t have any choice. I have to face the real world full of frustrations and regrets that’s haunting me now.

Blue or red pill?

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