Ryan Joshua Who?

14 11 2006

He is, apparently, 10 years old now. He grew up in Mindoro and now is in grade school. A smart kid, I guess. Though I heard rumors about him, I continuously deny his existence. For me he is just like that, a rumor.

Not because I hate him. It’s just that nobody among my family wants to talk about him. But reality bit me (again) last night when my 2 brothers arrived talking about him. They said that he would arrive today for medical treatment. He is suffering from dengue fever and the hospitals in Mindoro are not taking him. Poor boy.

Then it surprised me when my brother Neil told me that he was able to talk to him on the phone. Dios mio. I was even more surprised when my sister confided that she talked to him on several occasions before.

So he was able to talk to them. My father introduced him to my other siblings while I kept on guessing. My sister told me that maybe my father couldnt tell me the truth. Maybe he’s worried that I’ll be disappointed, pissed off or what. To be honest, I’m not.

Right now, Ryan Joshua is probably in the hospital with my our father.

Sigh… I’m not the youngest son. 😦



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