“The Grand Finale”

18 11 2006

Courtesy of Philboxing.com

So much has been said about the upcoming third fight between Philippines’ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Mexico’s “El Terible” Eric Morales. Boxing websites has been hyping talking about it with zealousness making fans more eager to watch the fight. Meanwhile, fans from both sides are turning up against each other in online debates leading to personal bashing and racism.

Also, a lot of questions are going to be answered tomorrow, (Sunday Afternoon, Manila Time) when these two great boxers (people in boxing world call them warriors, gladiators, etc.) face each other for the (hopefully) last time in their historic rubber match that is set to finish their ferocious rivalry.

Is Manny Pacquiao really that good? Can he beat El Terible again to prove that his 10th round KO win last time was not a fluke? Can Eric win again against a man who gave him a bad beating early this year? Is his training enough? Or should he retire?

In their first fight, Morales barely defeated a bloodied boxer who nearly knocked him out in the final round. Meanwhile, Pacquiao finished him off in their rematch, knocking him twice in the 10th round forcing the ref to stop the fight. (Incidentally, the same ref, Kenny Bayless, disqualified Manny’s younger brother over a series of low blows yesterday.)I

If you saw their first two fights, I bet that like me, you’re going to put your money on Manny. Of course I’m bias, I’m a Filipino. I will cheer for the Pacman anytime, anywhere.
But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Morales stands no chance against my man. In fact, I believe that he will come strong tomorrow. With his pride and boxing career at stake, Morales, will bring everything – his skills, strength, stamina and wits to bring his enemy down. He trained hard for this. He will not lose easily.

Same goes for Pacman. With his countrymen behind him, expect him to be very busy on the ring. He’ll bring with him the same (or more) intensity, power, speed and endurance that made him one of todays top boxers. I want to see him knocking Morales out in 7th round.

With these things in mind, I can’t wait for tomorrow to see the Grand Finale. Whatever the outcome is, this is going to be an exciting bout. May this be the last of their encounters and may God bless these two heroes.




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18 11 2006
Sonnie's Porch

Globally Competitive

In this post, I hope to discuss noteworthy attitudes of Pacquiao that every Filipino can strive to emulate. No, Manny is not God nor he is close to being perfect. He also stands the chance of losing this last fight of him with Eric Morales.
But no one …

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