Hats off to Pacquiao and Morales.

20 11 2006

Pacman and El Terible

After 25 violent rounds of boxing, who could have thought that their epic trilogy would end this way – Eric Morales raising the hand of his conqueror, Manny Pacquiao, signifying the passing of the torch between a Legend and a new boxing Hero.

After splitting their first two encounters, The Pacman and El Terible went up against each other yesterday for their Grand Finale to decide who is the better fighter between them. The result is clear: it’s Pacquiao.

Pacquiao, regarded as “The People’s Champ” knocked Morales down three times (once in 2nd round and twice in the 3rd) to stop the Mexican Legend. To say that it’s an easy win is an utter disrespect to Morales who gave everything he could to win.

I’m not expecting him to get up after he fell for the second time but he did. He gathered all the courage to stand up and fought back, trading punches with a much stronger foe. He fell down again but he knew that he had enough. He was beaten. For fighting Pacman with all his heart, I salute Eric Morales. He is truly, a Legend, who deserves a place in the Hall of Fame.

And to Pacquiao, thank you for making us proud once again. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication. Thank you for bringing glory to our country. Carry the torch not only for the pinoys, but also for all the boxing fans looking up to you. Mabuhay ka!



6 responses

22 11 2006

very well said… you have a great blog here…

23 11 2006

thanks for dropping by. 🙂

24 11 2006

No prob! you’ve got some interesting posts too! (and pics)

17 11 2009
Ruk man sunuwar

thnx man i like your jab be keep continew may god bless you

4 02 2010

manny pacquioa the best en boxing

18 02 2010
Manny Pacquiao Tickets

Pacquiao is a living boxing legend! He is surely the current best pound-for-pound boxer.

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