I download, I click, I Stumble.

25 11 2006

Warning: Some links contained in this post can alter your work habit and may lead you to extreme procrastination.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my msn contacts inviting me to try StumbleUpon, a web 2.0 application that let you surf the best-reviewed sites the world wide web has to offer. It’s a plugin for various web browsers (mine is firefox, simply the best.) that’s great for surfing, reviewing and sharing great websites with other people. It brings excellent sites directly to your browser with just a click: no searching, no typing.

So I installed it and got instantly hooked. The first websites that I stumbledupon were bunch of games and other nonsensical but nevertheless great timewasters. I also got a wonderful view of Niagara, lights of our planet earth, a splash of color and a gallery of everything spiral.

Also, musicovery and blogmusik served and satisfied the audiophile in me. Can you believe that I even found out what the whole US of A is playing on their radio right now? Meanwhile, mrpicassohead and artpad didn’t help me improve my skills, but instead, worsen my frustration for visual arts. Thank God, I stumbled upon these funny anagrams and analogies that had me laughing for a while.

On serious note, I discovered online tools that are very useful, the most notable of which are: the dropboks that allows you to upload large files that you can access anywhere, and the iptools, that help you analyze ip address, domain, and other network related stuff. I also got tips on how to design my coffee and a nice guitar lessons. And yeah, I now have a new place to search for free books.

When it comes to search, don’t limit yourself with google, quotiki searches for quotes, codefetch for source codes, lyricsfly for lyrics. Then there’s another one that searches for album covers. If you’re looking for God, check out His Yellow Pages to keep in touch with Him.

While I can put a lot more links here, I will not. I want you to discover the best of the world wide web. Now that I’m done, can I go back to work now?




6 responses

30 11 2006

Ah just what I need something else to distract me! Thanks for the link! LOL

30 11 2006

I came across StumbleUpon a few months back and also found it highly addictive.

If you want something that’ll waste oodles of time each day then I can recommend digg.com I’ve lost many work day hours there.

Nice site you’ve got here.

30 11 2006

Yeh, StumbleUpon is great for, well, stumblin’ around the interweb. BTW, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on BE.

4 12 2006

thanks for dropping by. I’m also a digger. I love the interaction between users there.

4 12 2006

Added you to my Link Exchange – thanks for the comment the other day.

5 12 2006
c. s. bLitch

I stumble and fall flat regularly. I never could get into stumble upon. Flickr… that’s my vice.

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