Merry Christmas!

23 12 2006

I’ll be out on vacation for the rest of December starting t o d a y. So I guess this is my last post this year. See you next year guys.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.


Guessing game.

21 12 2006


I ran across this simple yet challenging game last night, consuming more than one hour of my after-office time. (Thank you M&M’s!) It’s a puzzle made in flash which will test your knowledge about movies, particularly horror and suspense-thriller.

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TIME Person of The Year is ME!

18 12 2006

NO! It’s actually YOU. Wait, It’s US! It’s you and me!
The year 2006 belongs to us citizens of the Internet. We who contribute ideas through our blogs, we who upload tons of contents to user-generated sites, we who spend a lot of our time to share our thoughts in online communities and social networks, we who make our own videos and music and photos to be seen by the world, we who criticize, we who inquire, we who answer. We.Are.Owning!!!
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iPhone on Monday?

15 12 2006

iPhone is out, just not THAT iPhone.

No, I will not create another entry for that.


Gizmodo guaranteed that the much anticipated iPhone will be announced on Monday. I’m not really excited but I’m quite curious on how it’ll look like, (The picture above is just one of the many many concepts and mockups from avid fans and artists. –credits.) and how much it’ll cost.

Free: Blender3D

14 12 2006

Today’s featured freebie is an open source software that is making waves in 3D development. It’s a revolutionary application that is at par with it’s commercial counterparts. Guys and gals, make way for Blender!

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First Gold.

12 12 2006


  1. Tipon outpointed Korean, took Gold too.
  2. Violito Payla defeated Somjit Jongjohor of Thailand.

Team Philippines finally got it’s first Gold in Doha Asian Games when Antonio “Gaga” Gabica defeated his compatriot Jeffrey “Bata” De Luna in an All-Filipino showdown in Men’s 9 Ball Singles Final.

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Is your girlfriend hot?

8 12 2006

Wanna know? Then go to Blakbuk and post your girl’s pic and get it rated. All you have to do is login using your Yahoo! account, upload a picture of your girlfriend and you’ll get a widget code.

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