What if?

4 12 2006

Earlier this morning, my girlfriend (we’re back in each others arms) sent me a message asking this crazy question, baffling the hell out of me:

If relationships normally involve three people (lovers), from what gender or sexuality would I like the third one to come from? Guy or gal, lesbian or gay? Why?

Uhmm. You know my answer of course. I want a girl. In fact, most of men out there would choose a girl, right? What made this question baffling is the fact that I have to give a pretty decent reason to justify my choice, without her thinking that I really want another girl, or that I’m fantasizing about threesome, which is, of course, NOT true. 😛

Her next question is more bewildering: “Who will it be?”

I didn’t even think about it.




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5 12 2006

sounds like a trick question to me.

5 12 2006
Great Dane Addict

It is a trick question.

Besides, do something a little more realistic. Start a list of 5 celebrities you would sleep with. Your girlfriend gets to make a list too. Then you both get to sleep with those people if the opportunity would actually arise without the other person getting mad.

I got my five laminated.


5 12 2006

What if it is NOT a trick question?

That’s where things could get interesting 😉


5 12 2006

If you answer any of that, you’re in trouble. The “who would it be?” is a clue.

6 12 2006

Carrie and Great Dane Addict,
Yeah the question is tricky. I think she’s fishing. 5 celebrities? wow! 😀

The name of your blog is so lovely. If it’s not a trick question, should I rejoice?

Questions like these are scary. Really.

6 12 2006

Rejoice? No, I wouldn’t say that. I’d say it would be time to get serious about thinking about and defining who you are as a sexual person. Your initital gut instinct may (likely) be exactly right, but until you take it ou and look at it, how would you know?


7 12 2006


thanks but I’m pretty sure about my sexuality.:D

7 12 2006

I twould have to be someone who the other 2 in the relationship found mutally attractive. As to whom my answer would be along the lines of of not knowing because apart from your GF you havent found anyone who yu find that attractive, but I would be open to suggestions.

8 12 2006

you’re standing in a landmine… but well i ask my bf who he wants to sleep with if indeed 3 people are involved… the best answer he gave was “as long as you enjoy her too, i don’t care who its with”.

15 12 2006
his girlfriend


wow…thats what the answer im waiting for…as long as “I” enjoy “HER” too…lols

16 12 2006

my girlfriend,

So who is that girl? 😀

22 12 2006
his girlfriend

do you really wanna see HER name here? 🙂

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