Coconut anyone?

8 12 2006


Blogtown Press is running a link contest that offers a very unique prize: a coconut. You read it right. The Hawaii-based network is offering 3 coconuts to 3 lucky winners world effin’ wide.

How do I win?
Winning is easy. Blogtown Press currently has 12 blogs that are participating in the Link to a Coconut Contest. All of these blogs are active and have anywhere from 20 posts to a few hundred posts. All you have to do is link to a post on anyone of those blogs and if you link to the correct post you win a coconut. We currently have 3 coconuts to give away so that means we will randomly choose 3 posts within the network that will be the “winner” posts. These could be on any of the 12 blogs so you’ll have to hunt around for what you think is the right post.

I know there are plenty of coconuts here in the Philippines but winning something like this is ultra cool so I’m giving it a try.

Meanwhile, I want you to check this amazing video.

Did you see the coconut tree?:P




2 responses

8 12 2006


Great to see more contestants, I would love to import one into the Phillippines! Maybe we can work out an exchange program for lost coocnuts.

Kidding aside, great stuff!


8 12 2006

Mabuhay Erik!
Your contest is very…wei…errr… unique?

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