Slow start.

4 01 2007

Everything this year is starting slow.

Thanks to the Earthquake that hit Taiwan, internet connection in Asia, particularly in the Philippines is very sluggish. While the rest of the blogosphere has been posting their greetings, predictions, resolutions and other whatevars, my blog is idly sitting in the interweb, gathering all the dust brought by the festivities around the globe.

My connection is so slow that posting a single comment requires a lot of patience. Today, I consider myself extremely lucky because this editor page successfully loaded after three minutes.

I am starting slow.

And I don’t know why. Maybe my body thinks that it’s still on vacation. More than one week of doing nothing is a dangerous gift. I found that out only now. It can alter your working habit. It is counter productive. I’m late at work for the past two days and it’s not good. Tardiness is a grave violation of my not-so-final-new-year’s-resolutions list which will be posted here in due time. Do you think I should strike that out?

Bright side?

Umm. None? I’m not sure. But despite my slow start, I’m still hoping that I could get things back to normal. And yes, I’m considering this post as my first achievement for the year 2007.




8 responses

4 01 2007

i agree with you, my internet connection is still sluggish. there were even web pages that cannot be loaded. when shall it be fixed?

5 01 2007

I see you’re back in action!

5 01 2007


I’m not sure. but my connection today is quite fast.


Thanks for dropping by.

6 01 2007

Great blog!

6 01 2007

How about a link exchange?

7 01 2007


thanks. your tagline is cool.



8 01 2007

I Added you. Pls do the same. Thanks. Keep in touch.

5 02 2008
Back and bumming! « insomnity

[…] and of course, money. Did I just give you an idea of how loser I am? I hope not. Seriously, if 2007 started slow for me, 2008 started way too wrong. Things are just not working out […]

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