The REAL iPhone is out.

10 01 2007

The Real iPhone

Apple finally announced its iPhone at the annual Macworld Conference in San Francisco and it looks beautiful, at least to me.

For $US600 you’ll get a widescreen ipod, a revolutionary phone and a high tech breakthrough internet device built into one small handheld.

It has 8Gb of storage, a 2MP camera, touchscreen display, bluetooth, WiFi and runs on OS X. Cool?

But Nokia says it’s not 3G. So what? It rocks!




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10 01 2007

This phone looks good!! I’m excited… Only mac can change the way we look at a gadget.. =X


10 01 2007
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11 01 2007

Looks good but I think it’s a guy thing…kinda on the chunky side for most women? I don’t think it would fit in my handbag!

12 01 2007

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12 01 2007
team gingerbread

I agree with weenie on the chunky factor. I can’t stand it when phones are the size of a sandwich, how am I supposed to fit that in my clutch?

15 01 2007

I love the look of this phone…I need to get my hands on one so I can see if I like it lots. That’s a good excuse, right?

16 01 2007

I’m not too concerned with the size – I’m more bothered about how fast the batteries will get chewed through. I use a mobile for between 2 and 4 hours a day. Sony do phones that last 7+ hours whereas the Nokia’s I love tend to last less than 1/2 that.

16 01 2007

Maybe it’s really chunky for most of you. but it’s ok with me. My major concern is the price and as Rob pointed out, its battery life.

16 01 2007

Yeah insomnity, for us girls, size does appear to be an issue and in this case, big and chunkcy is not best! 😉

17 01 2007


however, there are times when big and chunky is the best for girls. lol

4 02 2007

wow. It looks great. But the price is tooooo high for me. LOL!!!

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