24 01 2007

Finally, a social network for geeks.

There is a useful side to social networks that is often overlooked due to all the clutter created by MySpace and its cousins. The purpose of Shuzak is to create a community of interesting and informative people; the sort of people who are at the forefront of technological and scientific progress. It is worth noting that our key attractor here is not better technology. If technology is

what makes us stand out, then someone somewhere on the World Wide Web is bound to wipe us away simply by introducing better technology. No, our key attractor here is being different, and so far we have done a fairly good job at it. Shuzak is not an alternative for Facebook, Orkut, or Bebo. Our category is neither teens nor students. Our category is geeks.

And why not, if friends are gathering on Myspace; music lovers on; and now, bloggers on MyBlogLog; why can’t geeks create a place for them to socialize? Yes, geeks are social beings too. Heck, even dogs and cats have their own social network!

While I don’t see myself spending a lot of time on Shuzak, because now, I would rather use digg if I want to socialize with geeks, I just hope that the geeks behind it will realize their ambition:

Our ambition is to do for geeks what MySpace managed to do for friends.




4 responses

24 01 2007
Jawad Shuaib

lol@Heck, even dogs and cats have their own social network!

I will remember that the next time someone asks “why a SN for geeks?” Digg does a great job at social bookmarking, but it is missing the SN aspect to it. Anyway, thank you for wishing us good luck, we will need it 🙂

24 01 2007

I’d not heard of Shuzak. I love Digg, so I might take a look.


On another note, apologies for having to do this in a comment, but I have no email for you:

You’ve got me on your Blogroll (as My Bloody Great Nutshell).

I’ve moved my blog to a new area. Would you be kind enough to update your link please? I’ve already made sure you’re linked to from my new home.

It was:

It’s now:

Many thanks!

25 01 2007

Thanks, I’m already a member of shuzak.

Sure. I’ll update my blogroll and link your new home.

28 02 2007

It’s not a real geek’s network. I’m not joining. The site should have been in Klingon!

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