Free: Online Photography Course.

30 01 2007

Do you want to learn photography? I found a website that will teach you not only the basics of photography, but also some advance topics. This online photography course covers topics such as composition, aperture, shutter speed, lens, films, filters, effects, lighting and other important things you need to know. This 10-Lesson course was prepared by Jodie Coston and sponsored by morguefile.

Enter the classroom here.

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5 responses

31 01 2007

Awesome! I am going to take that course. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

31 01 2007

kudos! Find it kinda useful, just attended Lesson1, ored bookmarked the site. haha.. a step nearer to Zee, the ‘GReat Photographer’

1 02 2007

Np. You’re already good in photography.

Good luck. I’m glad that I post something that’s actually useful to my 2 readers or so.

4 02 2007

I also bookmarked this site. Plan to go through it when I have the time. 🙂

13 02 2007

cool site. nice link for the photo vibes.

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