It’s Summer’s Day.

28 03 2007

No, there’s nothing wrong with the title of this post. While it is obviously getting hotter each day, I don’t intend to talk about the hottest season in history. The summer I’m referring to is actually our baby boy who is turning 2 today.

summer.jpgYes, he is a dog. But we treated him as our baby. In fact, we went home to Laguna last weekend just to celebrate his birthday. We bought him a cake and a gift that we don’t think he’ll like: a shampoo. Taking a bath is one of his pet peeves. He hates it. And he is too smart to know his bathing schedule. Every time he feels that it’s his time to go to the bathroom, he would hide under the bed and would never come out. You need to lift the bed up just to get him. Ahh, the troubles of parenthood.

Sum, you’re 2 years old now. I just wish that you’d be brave enough to face the waters in your life. I also want you to know that I’m really considering getting you a mate, someone that you could spend the rest of your life with. If that could keep you from humping my legs, I’m more than willing to skip lunch to get you a partner. What do you think, doggie?

Happy Birthday. I love you. And your mom.




12 responses

28 03 2007
sum's mom

happy bday baby…im happy that you got your looks from me…you’re so cute…

28 03 2007

hi there. i like your blog a lot. if its okay with you can we exchange links? i already put your link in my blog. please get back to me if you agree to exchange links with me. just visit my blog and drop a comment. thanks a lot.

30 03 2007

sum’s mom,
hehe. he is cute like me?

Thanks. I added you on my blogroll.

3 04 2007

Nice new template – very swish. Not been by for a while – sorry.

Happy Birthday to your “Boy”

7 04 2007

Happi bday to Sum. my zico too is 2 yrs old now =)

20 04 2007

Long time no update ah. Hehe 😀

30 04 2007

Aww… He’s such a sweetheart.

8 05 2007

but i wonder if you’re doing what i did with my 2 dogs. i share my bed with them when i sleep with my three other cats.

26 06 2007

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Howlllllll!

4 07 2007

aww.. how cute.. sum’s got his mom’s pretty-ness.. and he got your “i dont wanna shower ever” attitude. just kiddin, ron. nga pala, i added you at my meme list.. you might wanna check it here:

8 07 2007

Well, Happy Birthday to Summer!

9 09 2007

this is the hottest summer in history i think.

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