Back and bumming!

5 02 2008

I’m back. So? I’m bumming around. Nice…

Welcome 2008!

It’s been ages since my last post and up to now, I have no good things to write about. I don’t have a job, girlfriend, and of course, money. Did I just give you an idea of how loser I am? I hope not. Seriously, if 2007 started slow for me, 2008 started way too wrong. Things are just not working out right.

The only reason I see why I came back here is to test WordPress’ amazing WYSIWYG editor and see if I can implement, or at least, imitate it’s functionalities on a freelance project that I’m doing. Heck, even that project it’s not heading towards the direction that I want it to.

On a brighter note

I’m so surprised that this blog, despite inactivity, has reached 10k hits. Thanks mainly to Google, the Search King, and other pretenders to the throne. I’m also shocked to see some of my “3 readers or so” still dropping by.

Questions: (honestly, I’m just testing the list function)

  • Is there a way to archive all my previous posts, so that readers can only see my recent posts (2008 and beyond) in the front page?
  • How can I log in to my MyBlogLog Account? I can’t have it work using my yahoo account.





2 responses

13 07 2008

hello.. how’s blogging life? update na! hehe

18 08 2008

Uh… it’s August and you’ve made ONE post for all of 2008. Come on!

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