K-Lite and Little David

26 02 2007

It’s been 3 months since 103.5 K-Lite aired it’s final broadcast but I’m still getting hits from various search engines. Search terms such as “klite 1035 fm,” “nitelite 103.5,” and “alternative station to klite 103.5” are still bringing hits to this post. It seems that the K-lite fans are still looking for answers on why K-lite died. Or maybe, they can’t still accept the fact that their favorite radio frequency is now Heart FM and playing mushy easy music all day long.

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Of your suicidal tendencies.

13 02 2007

Last night, my sister asked me for some info regarding the death of a Korean actress. Apparently, somebody told her that Jeong-eun Kim (aka Vivian here in the Philippines), the star of Korean TV Drama Lovers in Paris was allegedly found dead in her boyfriend’s house. Doubtful and unbelieving because she’s a huge fan, she sent me text messages for confirmation.

Since I’m working for a Korean company, she is somehow expecting that I know the entire buzz that has been happening in Korea. Gawd. It’s really my fault, recalling how I sometimes brag tell that some of those Korean stars are our clients.

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Guessing game.

21 12 2006


I ran across this simple yet challenging game last night, consuming more than one hour of my after-office time. (Thank you M&M’s!) It’s a puzzle made in flash which will test your knowledge about movies, particularly horror and suspense-thriller.

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Coconut anyone?

8 12 2006


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I download, I click, I Stumble.

25 11 2006

Warning: Some links contained in this post can alter your work habit and may lead you to extreme procrastination.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my msn contacts inviting me to try StumbleUpon, a web 2.0 application that let you surf the best-reviewed sites the world wide web has to offer. It’s a plugin for various web browsers (mine is firefox, simply the best.) that’s great for surfing, reviewing and sharing great websites with other people. It brings excellent sites directly to your browser with just a click: no searching, no typing.

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KLITE (Farewell?) Video.

22 11 2006

Are you listening to the radio?

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Klite is signing off.

20 11 2006


Last week, my girlfriend ex-girlfriend received a text message from a friend telling her that 103.5 Klite, our favorite radio station, is signing off this December. What the…

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