Back and bumming!

5 02 2008

I’m back. So? I’m bumming around. Nice…

Welcome 2008!

It’s been ages since my last post and up to now, I have no good things to write about. I don’t have a job, girlfriend, and of course, money. Did I just give you an idea of how loser I am? I hope not. Seriously, if 2007 started slow for me, 2008 started way too wrong. Things are just not working out right.

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The Fourth

2 03 2007

Tomorrow, March 3 2007 is a very special day. Shayne and me are celebrating our 4th Anniversary of being together. Considering the odds against us when we were just starting out, I think 4 years is quite an achievement. A lot of people didn’t expect that we will reach this far and we just proved them wrong. We are strong. We love each other. We are meant to be.

No, we are not perfect. Our relationship, just like any other normal relationships, has its own ups and downs. In fact, it’s been a rough and bumpy ride for the last few months. There are lots of fights, misunderstandings, and painful exchange of words. Conversations would usually turn into arguments and breakups. It’s a shame but we had a lot of breakups. There came a point that it happens every other night. It’s extremely sad and frustrating.
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Of your suicidal tendencies.

13 02 2007

Last night, my sister asked me for some info regarding the death of a Korean actress. Apparently, somebody told her that Jeong-eun Kim (aka Vivian here in the Philippines), the star of Korean TV Drama Lovers in Paris was allegedly found dead in her boyfriend’s house. Doubtful and unbelieving because she’s a huge fan, she sent me text messages for confirmation.

Since I’m working for a Korean company, she is somehow expecting that I know the entire buzz that has been happening in Korea. Gawd. It’s really my fault, recalling how I sometimes brag tell that some of those Korean stars are our clients.

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Can you read the internet?

8 02 2007

Do you have what it takes to read the internet? Can you understand it’s writing system? Do you know the meaning of all those acronyms used in chatrooms, blogs and forums across the web? Are your eyes clear cool and interweb friendly?

If you’re not so sure, why don’t you read this chart to test if you have the vision cool enough to decipher teh interweb.

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Pacman VS Batista!

27 01 2007

Lol. Here’s a proof that Pacman is the man! Watch out for the stunner and listen to his background music.

Anonymity: The New Hot Thing.

26 01 2007

According to this article, the hottest thing in the future is anonymity.

To be un-famous.

To be Googled — and to not be there. No link. No Wiki. No tube, space or face. No nothing.

It’s too late for most adults — anyone with a job, a driver’s license or a signature on a public document. But in a world where anyone can be known, what could be cooler than not being known? In a celebrity-saturated culture, what could be hotter than not being a celebrity?

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New Year, New theme.

15 01 2007

I’ve been thinking of changing my theme to go along with the New Year but I can’t find one that I think would fit my blog. Well, not until the good guys from WP release a new theme called sunburn. While I consider ChaoticSoul as one of the best dark theme, I just need to replace it with something new. I’ve use it for months since it was released and I love every part of it.  Who knows, I might use it again in the future.

But for now, I could use a lot of sunshine to burn my skin. Do you like it?

Thank you WordPress!