And the nominees are.

7 03 2007

pba_180×160.gifThe nomination period for The Philippine Blog Awards 2007 has ended last Sunday, March 4. The Award’s night will be on 31 March 2007, 5pm at Podium 4, RCBC Plaza Auditorium in Makati City. So to keep the buzz warm and to give the links back to my fellow nominees, I’m proud to present the nominees for Philippine Blog Awards 2007!

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Can you read the internet?

8 02 2007

Do you have what it takes to read the internet? Can you understand it’s writing system? Do you know the meaning of all those acronyms used in chatrooms, blogs and forums across the web? Are your eyes clear cool and interweb friendly?

If you’re not so sure, why don’t you read this chart to test if you have the vision cool enough to decipher teh interweb.

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Anonymity: The New Hot Thing.

26 01 2007

According to this article, the hottest thing in the future is anonymity.

To be un-famous.

To be Googled — and to not be there. No link. No Wiki. No tube, space or face. No nothing.

It’s too late for most adults — anyone with a job, a driver’s license or a signature on a public document. But in a world where anyone can be known, what could be cooler than not being known? In a celebrity-saturated culture, what could be hotter than not being a celebrity?

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24 01 2007

Finally, a social network for geeks.

There is a useful side to social networks that is often overlooked due to all the clutter created by MySpace and its cousins. The purpose of Shuzak is to create a community of interesting and informative people; the sort of people who are at the forefront of technological and scientific progress. It is worth noting that our key attractor here is not better technology. If technology is

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“230 dead as storm batters Europe.”

20 01 2007

That’s not true.

But if you happen to receive an email containing that subject line, I advise you to immediately send it to the trash folder. Don’t ever open that mail or it’s attachment or you’ll become a part of a botnet.

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Insane Javascript trick.

8 01 2007

Update: I found out that this script will not work on websites using CSS to display images.  Can’t explain it further, just try this on

This is one of the coolest javascript trick I have seen. Just follow these 4 simple steps.

1. go to any website

2. delete everything in the address bar

3. paste the following code in the address bar:

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Slow start.

4 01 2007

Everything this year is starting slow.

Thanks to the Earthquake that hit Taiwan, internet connection in Asia, particularly in the Philippines is very sluggish. While the rest of the blogosphere has been posting their greetings, predictions, resolutions and other whatevars, my blog is idly sitting in the interweb, gathering all the dust brought by the festivities around the globe.

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