Asia’s Big Switch

16 02 2007

Asian countries have started switching from proprietary software such as Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) to open source software, it was reported Tuesday at the eighth annual Asia Open Source Software Symposium (AOSSS) in Denpasar, Indonesia.

Experts and information technology practitioners from Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and ASEAN member countries are attending the conference. (source)

What about the Philippines? Are we switching too?

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Of your suicidal tendencies.

13 02 2007

Last night, my sister asked me for some info regarding the death of a Korean actress. Apparently, somebody told her that Jeong-eun Kim (aka Vivian here in the Philippines), the star of Korean TV Drama Lovers in Paris was allegedly found dead in her boyfriend’s house. Doubtful and unbelieving because she’s a huge fan, she sent me text messages for confirmation.

Since I’m working for a Korean company, she is somehow expecting that I know the entire buzz that has been happening in Korea. Gawd. It’s really my fault, recalling how I sometimes brag tell that some of those Korean stars are our clients.

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24 01 2007

Finally, a social network for geeks.

There is a useful side to social networks that is often overlooked due to all the clutter created by MySpace and its cousins. The purpose of Shuzak is to create a community of interesting and informative people; the sort of people who are at the forefront of technological and scientific progress. It is worth noting that our key attractor here is not better technology. If technology is

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Hey Doc, your handwriting is killing us.

16 01 2007


One of the most fascinating things to me is prescription. You know that piece of paper with scribbles all over it that your doctor gives to you after your visit? Well, it’s not just scribbles because it actually contains vital information with regards to your health. While I swear that I cannot read or understand it, I find it very amusing that pharmacists and other medical practitioners can read it easily. You go to any drugstore, hand your prescription and they will read it as if it’s clearly written. Soon enough, they’ll give you medicines that are suppose to make you well or healthy.

But are you sure that they read it right? What if they are dead wrong? Chances are, you will be dead too.

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