Pacman VS Batista!

27 01 2007

Lol. Here’s a proof that Pacman is the man! Watch out for the stunner and listen to his background music.


Hats off to Pacquiao and Morales.

20 11 2006

Pacman and El Terible

After 25 violent rounds of boxing, who could have thought that their epic trilogy would end this way – Eric Morales raising the hand of his conqueror, Manny Pacquiao, signifying the passing of the torch between a Legend and a new boxing Hero.

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“The Grand Finale”

18 11 2006

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So much has been said about the upcoming third fight between Philippines’ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Mexico’s “El Terible” Eric Morales. Boxing websites has been hyping talking about it with zealousness making fans more eager to watch the fight. Meanwhile, fans from both sides are turning up against each other in online debates leading to personal bashing and racism.

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