K-Lite and Little David

26 02 2007

It’s been 3 months since 103.5 K-Lite aired it’s final broadcast but I’m still getting hits from various search engines. Search terms such as “klite 1035 fm,” “nitelite 103.5,” and “alternative station to klite 103.5” are still bringing hits to this post. It seems that the K-lite fans are still looking for answers on why K-lite died. Or maybe, they can’t still accept the fact that their favorite radio frequency is now Heart FM and playing mushy easy music all day long.

I decided to google those terms and it points me to different blogs ranting about K-lite’s fall and the rise of Heart FM. Reading the comments, you’ll get the drift that a lot of people are still upset while some of them are still hoping that the great old K-lite would come back. But all our (listeners) collective rants are nothing compared to the sadness by the guy who started the “right kind of lite” 12 years ago.

Last week, Adel Gabot aka Little David, found this blog and left a lengthy comment on one of my post:

Hi, insomnity.

I guess you should hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I feel bad more than anyone about K-Lite’s demise. Because I was the one who started it in 1995. I created the programming, the format back then; I made up, and named the talkshows. I hired the original jocks. I thought up and created all the musical programs, I produced most of the plugs, and voiced them too. I was the one who thought up “The Right Kind of Lite” slogan.

I co-hosted Twisted with Jess Zafra. I co-hosted Nitelite with The Blade and Monica. I did Talkback every now and then. And more.

After seven years being station manager, and general manager of the network, I quit.

Then he made a clarification that everyone of us, especially me who chose to believe that he was thrown out, should know:

I was not thrown out, as you chose to believe, Insomnity. In fact, hearing that sort of talk hurts me still, because it’s untrue, and unfair. People will never know what we went through that time. Which is what prompted me to write a comment here.

I left because of differences with the owners, partly personal, and partly work-related. I’ve never spoken of it in a public forum because it was a difficult, personal decision. But I couldn’t stay. If you really what to know the full, sordid story of what caused us to leave a place we loved, write me and I’ll tell you.

Then he fearlessly stated his opinions on why his radio station died:

And the people who took over botched it. They misread the listeners, they didn’t understand the market, they took out the good jocks, the talk shows, the good music. So the station died a slow lingering death.

It’s just a memory now. I loved my station, but that’s life.

I wrote him and ask him directly on why he left K-lite. His reply surprised me in many ways. First, I didn’t expect that he will tell me everything that transpired in 2002. Everything, as in everything! Second, his story is quite sad that it can easily pass up as a teleserye script. And lastly, because I cannot tell anyone about it. Sayang! He said clearly that if I tell anyone, He would hunt me down, shave my head and write bad things on it with a permanent marker. Even without that threat, I’m sure that I will not publish his email here.

But I’m putting some bits of it here to let his fans know that he, along with his wife, DJ Monica, and The Blade are happy now.

But at least Monica and I are happy. I like my job at the Inquirer, and I love doing PWiT. After almost 20 years in radio, I’ve managed to create a second career for myself, which I am so thankful to God for.

Sayang lang talaga si K-Lite. We both miss radio.

As for The Blade, he has made a career out of being an event host and emcee, a commercial voice talent, and an anime and teleserye dubber. And as of Feb.1, he is now the pinch-hitter DJ for Dream FM, I’m happy to say.

I’m also happy for the chance just to be able to do what we did, and I’d just like to stay with the happy memories than dwell on the sordid past. If anything, we were able to make a little difference in the radio scene during our time. And if there was something good to come out of it, I met my wife there.

Thank you so much Little David and God bless.




13 responses

1 03 2007

Oh man, that sucks! Like they say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”. In this case, the management obviously thought that “fixing” or changing things would be good for the station and it proved to be a bad move. Another case of mis-management. Sorry to hear this. I hope Little David and the other DJ’s get better jobs in other radio stations or in any other chosen career.

Good read. 🙂

5 03 2007

Thanks jaypee. Little David is blogging here and here.

12 03 2007

man, i’m still saddened by the fact that K-Lite is no more. i mean, even if some stations take pride that their summer’s whathaveyou, K-Lite still does it best in accompanying me, or us, in the summer time…

5 04 2007

just like my previous comment, still I can’t accept the fact that Klite is already gone. Klite had been part of my life.. almost 6 to 8 years, I can’t remember… kasa kasama ko na sya sa buhay ko. Now? I don’t know…

Nakakalungkot talaga.. to the fact that right now I’m here in tarlac and I introduced Klite to my friends.. and its spreading na.. kaso nawala… they keep on asking me.. “asan na daw and klite, bakit pumangit ang pinapatugtog”

Guys (Klite) if you only knew… how’d you break my heart.

I want klite back…. We want klite back!

29 06 2007

It’s refreshing to know that I’m not the only one gnashing my teeth over k-lite’s demise … months after the final episode. There’s really nothing like it out there – a fact strangely missed (or ignored) by the station owners. I loved the format back in Little David’s time and was able to evolve with the way the songs changed through the years. But when they finally took away the “lite”, tossed in R&B and called themselved “HEART – easy listening the way it should be”, that was it for me. After almost ten years of (k-lite) radio, I finally got an ipod.

So, Little D/Mr. Adel Gabot, what will it take for you to repeat history and save us (again) from radio mediocrity? Haha.

5 12 2007
lex del

hi! i’m also a fan of klite, though never heard of it for the last 1/2 years, i enjoyed it during my hiskul days. gosh, i’m really sorry for the station, and i also missed it, especially the “CD Give away!” haha! that’s the place where i found the greatest music in my ipod right now. IBALIK ANG KLITE!!!

12 08 2009

fan po ako ni monica at ni ginger…., at madalas din akong makinig ng nitelite, sina little david, at the blade. lagi kong pinipilit sarili ko na waq muna matulog ng maaga, para naman mapakinggan ko ung nitelite evry wednesday midnite atah un , basta nakaka aliw kaze makinig sa conversation nilang tatlo, lalo na yung mga problems ng mga callers at ang mga payo na binibigay nila, i admire them. i remember one time na tumawag sa fone si agot isidro. nagbigay siya ng payo.. tapos meron isang caller lage na parang bading na naglalandi, si simon ang pangalan niya… jusko di ko maintindihan kung bakit gnun boses niya parang lageng naglalanding pusa. ewan.. heheheh.. pero masaya naman lagi as in naadik nga ako pakikinig dun sa radio show na un khit madaling araw pa.. totoong tao kze yung mga Dj’s sa k-lite.. saka me sense yung mga sinasabi. …nakaka miss lng si monica, san n kaya siya? wla n b siya sa radio???

nung time na yun GF pa lng atah ni little david c monica.. now pla husband and wife na.. Congratz.. Meron na bang little monica? or little david??? hehe ..

8 11 2009
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14 01 2010
Pinoy Pride

Pinoy Pride!!!

13 08 2011

: i miss klite terribly. i miss their music and their wisdom. if i had known, i should have recorded all those conversations. ;(

17 10 2013

Just found-out that 103.5 k-lite is back

4 02 2014

Oh God, why did I see this blog just now? I’m an avid and die-hard listener of kLite. If there is someone out there who still can’t get over on kLite’s demise, that’s me. i listened from ’96 until ’06. I did not stop praying that one day klite will be back. And surely it came back but it’s all different from the old kLite. But because im a klite die-hard, I stick to this station. I’m still listening everyday since it came back last July 2013. Please to all old klite diehard listeners out there, you can help me convince the klite now to bring back the old one. Or Insomnity can help us contact Little David to repeat history by helping us bring back klite.

13 05 2018

Thanks for the update. I loved that show! That trio was like my ate and kuyas… are you able to convince him to do a podcast instead?

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