Klite is signing off.

20 11 2006


Last week, my girlfriend ex-girlfriend received a text message from a friend telling her that 103.5 Klite, our favorite radio station, is signing off this December. What the…

I’ve been listening to Klite for the past 6 years and it’s so disheartening to know that they are calling it quits. Well, not really quitting. I heard that they’re just switching to a mellow format. Another what the…

Mellow what?

It’s hard to believe but some members of our yahoogroups confirmed it. Also, members of their official forum will tell you that the Manila’s Lite Alternative will go mushy.

Why oh why!?

Boom, a fellow listener and a good friend of mine has a truthful, if not entirely accurate explanations on why Klite suffered its demise.

I guess we all knew it would happen the moment they took “Talkback” off the air. A lot of their loyal listeners just quit listening. Nakinig kasi sila sa mga paninira na may mga nagrereklamo sa format kasi puros talk shows na daw yung K-Lite. They didn’t do their research. Had they done it, they would’ve found out that those complaining were a lot fewer than those that loved “Talkback”…they were just noisier. The result; a lot more people stopped listening to K-Lite.

Also, many DJs with a loyal fan-base left K-Lite due to disagreements with management (namely Nigel). I’m talking about DJs like Vince, Blade, Lannie and Jinji. They were a great loss to the station. Not even the addition of better looking DJs to the roster could stop the exodus of fans.

I guess the changed their format to attract a younger fan-base but it may have backfired on them. In their zeal to capture a new market, they forgot to maintain their existing fan-base.

They neglected to maintain and moderate the FORUM! Many fans posted their opinions and problems (with the station) there and weren’t given any attention or feedback. From a high of more than 200 fans posting and monitoring the Forum, it dwindled down to just a handful of us. If some of the newbies hadn’t started posting there lately, we’d only have 3 to 4 people left talking to each other in the Forum. The fans are the reason people advertise and they failed to take care of them.

I will miss K-Lite; but I can’t say that what happened to them wasn’t their fault. Sigh!

(Italics on me)

Oh well, I guess Boom nailed it. But whatever reasons the management has in making such a decision, I hope that maybe, just maybe, they will reconsider everything and keep Klite as it is – Manila’s Lite Alternative now…




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21 11 2006

Nov. 30, 4-6pm will be the last broadcast of all the Klite jocks together. :c

22 11 2006

😦 that means only one thing: no more radio for me.

22 11 2006
KLITE (Farewell?) Video. « insomnity

[…] Now that Klite is signing off, I’ll probably stop listening. As usual, nice choice of song guys! Goodbye guys. […]

22 11 2006
James Ty III

For me, K-Lite lost its format when it let go of Casey Kasem’s American Top 20, Jessica Zafra’s Twisted and Anthony Suntay’s sports program. Their current DJs talk too much nonsense, except for Vitto and Micky. Especially Carlo, who keeps on pestering Micky. Sayang, K-Lite was a station ahead of its time.

25 11 2006

klite mellow??? mellow stations are a dime-a-dozen… keep klite as it is. They are the only station that keeps on playing 80’s songs everyday. If you’re going to compute it, this 80’s fan base are the big earners of our time since most of them are in their 30’s. They are at the height of their productivity. And have the purchasing power advertisers look for. Reformatting klite will be a big loss to the listeners. And hopefully won’t be a financial loss to the mngt of the station. But I’m thinking otherwise…

27 11 2006

James & Bo,

I agree with both of you. K-lite should retain its current format instead of changing it to “Heart-FM”. duh.

29 11 2006

if the managment wants to target younger fanbase, this means they’ll become YESFM?

1 12 2006

argh… i hate the fact that k lite has to go… =( younger fan-base,mushy, HEART-FM?.. ARGH! i dont know which radio station my ears are going to sink my ears into… no more radio for me… =( my friend referes me to magic… but i dont like MO! huhuhu… i want KLITE… =( but… guess this change is inevitable… im gonna miss A LOT OF SONGS.. .A LOT OF THEM I TELL YOU… wa… naiiyak nq.. =(

1 12 2006

i guess the only non sense talks on klite(for me) is that “car enthusiasts” thingy… cant relate.. =) cnt even afford a car… =p damn… ill miss KLITE…. if the jocks only know how i feel… especially when i heard them last Nov 31… 5-6pm ata un… =( they were saying theyre goodbyes… argh… so sad… =(

2 12 2006

So it is confirmed.sigh.. damn i missed their last show. what’s going on now!!!. KLITE is the best station here in manila and now its gone, Klite is somehow became part of our everyday life, SOMETIMES CHANGE DOESNT DO ANYTHING GOOD. WILL YOU JUST STICK WITH THE OLD FORMAT!!!. GOD BLESS GUYS AND THE REST OF THE JOCKS OF KLITE.

17 12 2006
Henrik Batallones

Simply said, sniff with emphasis. And now with rediscovery comes disappearance. Sniff.

22 12 2006

i did’nt realize how much klite means to me until recently when i stopped hearing the dj’s and all the great music from the station. now i cringe everytime i open my radio and hear heart fm (of all names!) and all those r&b-mellow-pop-stations. klite is the only radio station in the rock alternative genre that plays a wide range of music from grunge, glam rock, alt rock… right now there’s a big hole in the radio industry that needs to be filled and a market that needs to be catered. i hope radio execs realize this sooner than later…

22 12 2006

sad. I will not hear diswhalla anymore.

2 01 2007
marc gutierrez

Now K-lite’s gone, I don’t know any other radio station just as good. I guess, I’m switching to youtube… now unless i could listen to youtube in the car. hmmmm.

3 01 2007
patricia p

it really is sad that klite changed their format. i’ve been listening to your radio program ever since i could remember…i hope that you guys re-consider.

3 01 2007

I used to think that the reason for not being able to keep listening to one station is because i can’t find the songs that I WANT to listen to and maybe because i’m getting old. RT just lost its touch. Then I came across KLITE and how i love, love it. And now this shit happens. We don’t need another freakin mellow station or romance station or whatever it is now called … heart FM? kiss my ass!

3 01 2007

I was an avid listener of k-lite when i was in college. I loved it to death especially during wednesday nights… 12-2 (sometimes 3)am, because of Night Lite!! Godamnn, probably my favorite talk show on the radio!!! I also can’t get enough of Twisted!! Now, they’re gone… Sigh

4 01 2007

youtube in cars? maybe in one or two years, we don’t know.

the 103.5 frequency is now allegedly owned by Joe D’ Mango. You know the guy, he is mellow to the bone.

yes, maybe we are getting old. But Klite’s music transcends generations. It knows no age.

Nite Lite, who could forget that, the anime soundtracks? totally cool. They are long gone ever since Little Dave was thrown out.

4 01 2007

darn it…DARN IT!!! i regret not listening to the radio [and tuning to KLite] for the past 2 months or so……wala na palang mababalikang KLite…kaya sabi ko sa kaklase ko “why did KLite turn s***???”

4 01 2007

Thrown out?!! Little D? Thrown out?? He was station manager at that time!! What happened?

5 01 2007


I don’t know what exactly happened. There are lots of speculations with regards to Little D and Monica’s disappearance from Klite. After hearing all of them I chose to believe that he was “thrown out”.


I hope you have an mp3 player.:D

6 01 2007

k-lite was my last good FM station. campus radio WLS FM made several management goofs the past 4 years and i turned it off. Jam 88.3’s still ok but dull at times. k-lite was the best because they filtered their music unlike Magic 88.9. are they renaming it to Heart FM to attract comparison with Love radio? i hope the management wises up before we all leave.

6 01 2007

geez, this reminds me of ABS-CBN when it took over MYX. Remember how cool MYX was, with VJ Carla, playing Nine Inch Nails, STP and other rock acts from my generation? Now, Klite. I dumped NU 107 8 years ago because the “home of new rock” turned into a one giant network of garbage or poseurs. I’ll always remember Klite, how it filled the background as I cram plates during late weeknights, also, for making R.E.M and U2 gods and lastly, for making Stereophonics’ “dakota” the number 2 song of 2005 as it stayed in the weekly countdown for like 50 weeks!!!

7 01 2007

I’m sure gonna miss Klite, especially NiteLite!! Lil D, the Blade and most especially Monica!! That captivating voice, wise-cracking attitude and her mini waves (woooohhhh) and of course her ever changing trademark Goodbye Song versions (though, Chix and Del has their own version, and I also love em). I used to have this “dilemma” of who was the better radio talk show… NiteLite or Morning Rush, up until now, I still can’t arrive at a conclusion! They were both #1 on my list!! I hope I hear from them (Monica, Lil D and the Blade) again perhaps in a different station. Sigh… It was all good while it lasted.

19 01 2007

I will not forget Klite… wakin up with Carl on the Red Eye then grinding up the morning work hour with Vito and Melinda on the Morning Brew with their own top ten list (Top Ten Guitar Solos is my fave list) .We always look forward for another session of Lite N’ Live, rockin’ to Default’s Wasting My Time…and traffic was bearable because of E-Z street and Freeway 1035. I’ll miss Klite…the only station I would listen to, no more radio for me, guess I’ll be using Pandora to find new music, but nothing like Klite introducing new music like July for Kings (now also disbanded) sigh…

23 01 2007

hey, i remember the top 10 guitar solos. i remember, i voted for pantera’s cemetery gates, even if i do know that they don’t play pantera. hehe…

and, what a time to get a zen v…only to tune to 103.5 on the FM radio…then again, it’s not k-lite, so away with the FM…

23 01 2007

The day the music died! Klite has been part of my life for so long. What tthe…happened???

28 01 2007

Gosh! I didnt have any idea about all these at all!!!!Im out of the country for almost 3 years now,klite was really one of the things that kept me going and I really had to listen online no matter how hectic my schedule was…I feel terrible right now!…K-Lite gave me my dream of seing my favorite band (Incubus) when I was still there and their kind of music is really just PERFECT!…gosh, I really feel sad!…anyways, who knows,maybe we’ll get to listen to our old fave DJs and our kind of music to a new station someday…wko knows…good luck to everyone!

30 01 2007

Klite died. 😦

I hope it will happen. I hope the klite jocks would put up their own station.

22 02 2007

Hi, insomnity.

I guess you should hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I feel bad more than anyone about K-Lite’s demise. Because I was the one who started it in 1995. I created the programming, the format back then; I made up, and named the talkshows. I hired the original jocks. I thought up and created all the musical programs, I produced most of the plugs, and voiced them too. I was the one who thought up “The Right Kind of Lite” slogan.

I co-hosted Twisted with Jess Zafra. I co-hosted Nitelite with The Blade and Monica. I did Talkback every now and then. And more.

After seven years being station manager, and general manager of the network, I quit.

I was not thrown out, as you chose to believe, Insomnity. In fact, hearing that sort of talk hurts me still, because it’s untrue, and unfair. People will never know what we went through that time. Which is what prompted me to write a comment here.

I left because of differences with the owners, partly personal, and partly work-related. I’ve never spoken of it in a public forum because it was a difficult, personal decision. But I couldn’t stay. If you really what to know the full, sordid story of what caused us to leave a place we loved, write me and I’ll tell you.

And the people who took over botched it. The misread the listeners, they didn’t understand the market, they took out the good jocks, the talk shows, the good music. So the station died a slow lingering death.

It’s just a memory now. I loved my station, but that’s life.

I do other things now. I am an editor and writer. Monica is a corporate trainer and until last January, worked for ABS-CBN as VJ and continuity announcer for PinoyCentral TV for ABS-CBN Global. And I married her last year, by the way.

Just wanted to clear the air.

Thank you for this thread. It’s nice to know people still remember us, and appreciated what we did, and what we made – a good radio station. I would love to put up another one, but that’s not up to me.

Heart FM? Please.

Adel Gabot
Group Editor, Hinge Inquirer Publications
Editor-in-Chief, Mobile Philippines/PC Magazine Philippines
aka Little David, K-Lite
aka reverseengineer, EIC, Philippine Week in Tech

4 04 2007

you know guys.. I mis K lite a lot. Very/…. am crying… why? its almost 6 years, im an avid listener of this station. nasa manila pa ako noon… pag nagrereview ako.. hangang madaling araw… pagpasok sa skul….(walkman na may radio freq) hangang sa pag punta nmg mall… kasa kasama ko ang k lite.

Now na andito na ako sa tarlac.. and still listening kahit na medyo hindi maganda ang reception.. I hook to the internet (DSL) and maghapon.. magdamag on ang computer just to listen lang sa web streaming…..

Hilary (DJ) knows that… and I tried to market them also to my friends here in tarlac… so they did listen thru web stream. May isang tambayan dito sa Tarlac na naglagay pa ng napakataas na antena just to get 1035 sa radio nya… yung tambayan na yun is inuman at computer games…

Really I mis k lite… yah all of you are right… NO MORE RADIO….

Pinapanood ko nga lagi yung you tube nila eh.. sigh!

Sorry guys Im just affected lang…..

4 04 2007

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XCK2RQVWH8 A memory…..

Please…. i hope 1 day… pag gising ko sa umaga…. nandyan na ang klite… sana!

29 06 2007

It’s refreshing to know that I’m not the only one gnashing my teeth over k-lite’s demise … months after the final episode. There’s really nothing like it out there – a fact strangely missed (or ignored) by the station owners. I loved the format back in Little David’s time and was able to evolve with the way the songs changed through the years. But when they finally took away the “lite”, tossed in R&B and called themselved “HEART – easy listening the way it should be”, that was it for me. After almost ten years of (k-lite) radio, I finally got an ipod.

So, Little D/Mr. Adel Gabot, what will it take for you to repeat history and save us (again) from radio mediocrity? Haha.

22 03 2008
K-Lite and Little David « insomnity

[…] 103.5,” and “alternative station to klite 103.5″ are still bringing hits to this post. It seems that the K-lite fans are still looking for answers on why K-lite died. Or maybe, they […]

22 05 2008

OMG, a sudden thought came upon me while i was bored here sa training. bigla kung naisip (dahil naubusan na ko ng websyt na iba-browse), kamusta na kaya ang KLITE. So nag google ako. Na miss ko dun esp. ung Night life hosted by little David, Jess d blade and Monica. Grabe, i remember pa summer of 1995 or 1996 un basta 2nd yr hi-skul me nun. Tas ang hilig ko magpuyat at dahil wala pa kong sariling tv sa kwarto at la pa kmi cable nun like na like ko makinig ng radio at dahil d pa affordable ang mga cds nun, radio stations ang enjoyment ko nun. Tas, i remember dahil la me curfew kc nga bakasyon lahat na ata ng late talk show sa mga FM radio (pati nga am pinatos ko na hehehe), nadaanan ko ang k-lite. Sympre dahil sa bata pa ko nun at hilig ko luvsongs at popsongs (un lang kaya ng music range ko that time hehehe), medyo d ko gusto ung mga usual song na piniplay sa k-lite pero dahil narinig ko magagandang boses ng 3, nagkainterest me makinig. Dahil na rin sa very intellectual at very interesting ung 3, na-adik ako makinig. Naalala ko pa mga early callers nila eh puro luv problems ang topics. Tas, i remember ung isang caller na girl, si Simone (korek ba?) basta lagi cia call sa show at nasa cr cia kc bka magising ung partner nia. Ke Simone ko rin narinig ung book na “Day after tommorow” at dahil me intrigue na menention sia sa book, d ko tinigilan hindi makahanap ng copy nun (successful naman ako 🙂 ). Well, tumagal ang relasyon ko sa Night Life hanggang 2000. 2 beses na rin me nabigyan ng time to go on air sa pangalang ‘Rocky’. Di ko makakalimutan ung pagrerecord ni Monica sa mga episodes ng ‘Friends’ gamit eh betamax pa. Tas ung walang kamatayang paghangga nia or lets say obssession nia ke Jude law *eherm*. Then ung pagkahilig ng 2 guys sa mga TV soundtrack /Anime soundtracks. Yung paglalaro ni Lani (cia kc kasunod sa timeslot) ng take not ha Half life pa uso nun sa mga djs ng magic899. Grabe, dito sa show na to lumawak kaalaman ko tungkol sa mga bagay bagay na d mo makukuha sa mga pangkaraniwang magisip at mabababaw na mga tao. Sa kanila ko nainspire magpraktis mag-ingles hehehe. Sa kanila ko unang narinig yung kantang ‘Pina Collada’ na ginawan ko pa nga istorya. Hay, ung isa pang show sa k-lite na lagi ko inaabangan eh ung ke Anthony suntay kc sobra crush ko cia nung hi-skul ako (nahilig din ako sa PBA nun eh). Hay, d ko maintindihan bakit kailangan mawala ang mga ganyang shows. Dumadami na rin kc ang posers at nagpapaka mainstream ngaun eh all in the name of fame and money. I even remember the last time i participated sa show, Jess d blade asked me what genre ung band ng friends ko. I said they are playing underground/hardcore music like greyhounds , cheese, slapshock, etc. Sabi ni Jess, “oh were not playing those kinds of music”. A week later i heard the station paying “mottaka”. That, i think is a sign na magbabago na ang station at kinabahan na ko dun. Anyway…sa haba ng isinulat ko, isa lnag ang masasabi ko or lets say makakanta ko…May tomorrow be a perfect day, May you find love and laughter along the way. May God keep you in His tender care, ‘Till He brings us together again…

27 05 2009

yeah! i miss k lite so much. It kept me good and entert.aining company while i stayed up late for my studies back in my medicine days. FM was K Lite and K Lite was FM. I hope they will revive it……….PLEAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss casey casem’s top 20….jessica zafra’s twisted…….talkback……….nitelite. I remember jessica zafra played the lord of the rings before the movie hit the market. She introduced me to the world of the hobbits, the reason i grabbed a copy of The Hobbit.=)

Does anyone of you knows of any station that plays casey casem’s top 20 nowadays? Just miss the guy and the music.

28 12 2012
mac donald

yeah! i miss k-lite also especially faster than lite by the “blade” which is aired every friday at 9:00 pm, i used to come home from school before 9 pm just to listen to it, I also miss kasey casem top american top 20 countdown every saturday and its replay every sunday at 9 pm. So *****ng SAD its all gone now, k-lite is the primary reason why i listen to radio back then, You know what they should’ve change also thier frequency number when they changed thier format.. for me 103.5 is for k-lite the right kind of lite and manila’s lite alternative, it is thier number and it belongs to them, not to heart fm or max fm shit……

28 12 2012
mac donald

yeah! i miss k-lite also especially faster than lite by the “blade” which is aired every Friday at 9:00 pm, i used to come home from school before 9 pm just to listen to it, I also miss Kasey Casem American top 20 countdown every saturday and its replay every sunday at 9 pm. So *****ng SAD its all gone now, k-lite is the primary reason why i listen to radio back then, You know what they should’ve change also their frequency number when they changed their format.. for me 103.5 is for k-lite the right kind of lite and manila’s lite alternative, it is their number and it belongs to them, not to heart FM or max FM shit……

28 12 2012
mac donald

and also don’t forget the Morning Brews with i think that’s Melinda and vitto every morning…..sigh….good days really dies…..tsk tsk tsk….

2 05 2014

I missed KLite. The new Klite is way different.

10 01 2017
omega juicer reviews Consumer reports

omega juicer reviews Consumer reports

Klite is signing off. | insomnity

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